CNN's Jeffrey Lord compares Dreamers to Russian operatives from Trump Tower assembly



Jeffrey Lord pronouncing one thing dull

Why, for the affection of god, does CNN nonetheless provide Trump devotee Jeffrey Lord even one 2d of airtime? Not most effective is that this pasty hobgoblin a certifiable racist because the orange pumpkin he blindly defends, he’s additionally delusional, the day past evaluating Dreamers—the younger immigrants delivered to the G.A. via their oldsters as youngsters—to the Russian operatives Donald Trump, Jr. and a couple of folks from his daddy’s marketing campaign met with final yr:

JEFFREY LORD: In doing a little research these days, O discovered one thing very fascinating. There is a website online referred to as LawNewz, which is a part of Dan Abrams’ —


JEFFREY LORD:  Right. And the headline from a attorney over there who is a constitutional [lawyer], his identify is Robert Barnes, he is a constitutional felony and civil rights attorney. The headline  says, “If Trump Jr. is to blame, so is each and every Democrat who takes knowledge from DREAMers.” And he is going on to make use of the word that –

CHRISTINIE QUINN: You imply like DREAMers the scholars?

LORD: Correct, right kind, as a result of they’re –

QUINN: Oh, that’s ridiculous.

LORD: Because they’re, within the phrases of the FBI director that we simply noticed, “non-state actors.”

QUINN: Oh that may be absurd.

LORD: They are overseas nationals, and each and every Democrat in the market –

QUINN: Oh Jeffrey, that’s offensive, you wish to have to prevent, that’s ridiculous and offensive.

LORD: They are non-state actors.

QUINN: That is asinine.

LORD: They don’t seem to be American electorate, that’s the price right here.

QUINN: Oh please, please, that is but a brand new and offensive spin from Trump attacking immigrants.

LORD: This man to the most productive of my wisdom has no reference to Donald Trump. My aspect is his aspect is an overly critical person who each and every Democrat in the market has had these types of conferences.

Offensive is true. These younger immigrants are preventing on a daily basis to turn out to be part of this country on paper, and at the same time as they would possibly not were born right here, there’s indisputably concerning the authenticity in their patriotism and loyalty to the USA. The present president appeared to assume so, as a result of as Lord criticizes Democrats for sitting down with Dreamers, again in 2013, Donald Trump if truth be told met with a gaggle of them too.

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