Clone Soldiers of Order sixty six: Leisure Earth Unique Hasbro Superstar Wars 6″ Black Collection


This is an in-intensity assessment of the paint apps and deco of the EE Unique Order sixty six set!

Rely how again and again I say “in point of fact”.

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DISCLAIMER- I don’t and won’t promote or provide portions of my assortment to those that merely ask for one thing within the feedback of considered one of my movies. Then again, if you wish to have lend a hand in monitoring down a specific collectible, or need additional info on the place to seek out it, be happy to invite.

Modifying Tool- VideoPad Skilled v4.forty

Outro Song-
Ratatat- Germany to Germany

Germany to Germany is used underneath the truthful use time constraint of underneath 10 seconds of utilization, and does now not decrease the worth of the unique paintings.


  1. I personally got my Shock trooper today and I love it! but its feet are a little lose but it holds poses and looks great on my shelf its very very nice as it represents my channel It really bugs me about the chin though it drives me nuts! but other than that its very nice!

  2. a while back I bought a pack of clones on ebay , one of them was a commander cody but with an Arf trooper head sigh I decided to use it to make a custom bomb squad trooper , using a orange paint pen , any suggestions on what tools to use when I make my next custom? maybe use a different shade? if need be , ill send you a pic of it on facebook but if you do decide you want me to post it prepare for disappointment

  3. Also while its nice to get all four of these guys together, I kind of wish we would get a separate release. Would love to get a couple of 501st troopers to go with the new Black Series Rex without having to buy more then one of these packs. (or a couple of 212th troopers to go with Cody, of course. Now if we could get a Commander Fox for the Shock Trooper…)

  4. I can't be the only one who would absolutely love Hasbro to make a Black Series 4-pack like this with Boss, Scorch, Sev and Fixer from Republic Commando, right?

  5. I think it's because they are complimentary colors the colors of blue and orange are cute complimentary colors and so is red and green. Think of Mario and Luigi and sonic and tails.

  6. I want these so bad! You have officially inspired me to collecting again! Star Wars Black Series Cody will start my collection cuz best first!

  7. We need more Clones, as well as Prequel/The Clone Wars figures. Not that I don't love the Originals, but it feels like Hasbro just doesn't pay enough attention to the Clone Wars era anymore. I'm a bit tired of it at this point. Like we NEED a Captain Rex, preferably in both Phase's of armor. I would also love more variants of Clones in general. I am a Clone fan, so I just can't get enough lol

  8. you persuaded me to buy this pack 🙂 i now own all 6 inch black series 4 packs! too bad the cheapest price for it in Australia is $140, keep up the good videos!