Chelsea’s Antonio Rüdiger statement video increases extra questions than it solutions


In a summer time of atypical participant unveilings, Chelsea’s attempt may well be probably the most confounding

Aston Villa did a WhatsApp dialog, Stoke did a Twitter factor, Roma went with FIFA 17, however Chelsea’s video for brand spanking new signing Antonio Rüdiger may well be probably the most confounding but. Before we move any longer, watch the video:

There’s so much to unpack right here. First of all, is a kid that age actually clamoring for the blouse of a defender that has but to play for his favourite membership? What activates that? Did he watch each and every 2d of the Confederations Cup? Has he been streaming Roma fits those final seasons? Is he the arena’s youngest soccer hipster looking to galvanize his pals together with his nontraditional blouse selection? This premise is already fantastic.

Next, what planet is the dad from? Of direction you’ll be able to get the identify of any person who hasn’t signed but. People do it always. O simply went to Nike’s web site and it allow me do Messi’s identify on a Chelsea blouse.

From there, the video is going actually bonkers. The keep clerk is going to a again room, the place Rüdiger is status, dealing with the wall like he’s within the ultimate scene of The Blair Witch Project and he provides her approval to allow the buyer placed his identify at the blouse as a result of he’s a Chelsea participant now. WHAT?! Are we to consider that Chelsea have a selection of footballers they’ve been associated with within the switch window simply status round at the back of their store giving common updates as as to if they have got signed with the membership? Do they get meals and water again there? Where did Rüdiger get a Chelsea blouse together with his identify on it then? Why did he reply to her “thanks” with a hand gesture and an excessive stare?

Finally, why is the door to the store set in David Luiz’s crotch?

Anyway, A had no concept David Lynch directed movies for Chelsea. Impressive.


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