CBS touts Iceland’s bounce ahead in clinical growth: Abortion


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Good enough, I understand this would be the 2d time I’ve singled out CBS Information up to now day, however they’re soliciting for it as though they’re status out of doors the Dan Quite front to journalism faculty with arms in wallet and lunch cash taped to their foreheads. Take a look at this attempt to border abortion as a few type of development within the box of drugs:

We’re speaking approximately humans they usually use the time period “eliminate” like what’s being handled is smallpox or malaria:

With the upward push of prenatal screening checks throughout Europe and america, the selection of small children born with Down syndrome has considerably reduced, however few nations have come as on the subject of removing Down syndrome births as Iceland.

When you consider that prenatal screening exams have been presented in Iceland within the early 2000s, the majority of ladies — on the subject of one hundred % — who won a favorable check for Down syndrome terminated their being pregnant.

My spouse and I’ve pals who’ve a son with Down syndrome and he’s an ideal child, so I in finding the time period “removing” to be nauseatingly chilling within the worst Orwellian feel. And do the proponents of this see the place it might lead? What different unwanted characteristics, issues or attainable inconveniences to the dwelling may well be detected and eradicated? The slippery slope is toughest to peer while you’re satisfied dancing on the most sensible of it.

Necessary aspect from actress Patricia Heaton:


Yep. Additionally, the screening check isn’t any place close to one hundred % correct:

While Thordis Ingadottir used to be pregnant together with her 3rd kid on the age of forty, she took the screening check. The effects confirmed her probabilities of having a kid with Down syndrome have been very narrow, odds of one in 1,six hundred. On the other hand, the screening check is most effective eighty five % correct. That yr, 2009, 3 small children have been born with Down syndrome in Iceland, together with Ingadottir’s daughter Agusta, who’s now 7.

CBS mentioned that instance of a fake “bad” in detection, however now not discussed is the velocity of fake positives, which leads into to this collateral injury-masking caveat from a health facility counselor in Iceland:

Olafsdottir replied, “We don’t take a look at abortion as a homicide. We take a look at it as a factor that we ended. We ended a imaginable lifestyles that can have had an enormous trouble… fighting struggling for the kid and for the circle of relatives. And I feel that may be extra proper than seeing it as a homicide — that’s so black and white. Lifestyles isn’t black and white. Lifestyles is gray.”

Will have had…”

**Written by way of Doug Powers

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