1. Love your videos. Thanks for posting. I show them to my cat for about 5 minutes each morning. Any more than that and he starts getting worked up and confused. Thanks!

  2. Very nice video, thanks. What part of the country are these birds from. We are from western Pa. The chickadee's look like our chickadee's I believe. The bigger black and white bird must be from the crow family.

  3. I’m a human and I watch this. It’s very relaxing. Wish there were more videos like this on YouTube. HD Nature with no music, all animals and greenery. Thanx for sharing.

  4. thank you for a great video, my cat loves it. i do wish it was a little bit zoomed out though, when in full screen that squirrel was larger than my cat and he looked ready to fight lol

  5. My cat comes into the bedroom and stares at a blank screen waiting for me to play your video. The cat will sit for hours completely focused on the screen. Thank you for making this.

  6. my cat loves this. we live in an area where if he goes outside there's a huge chance of him not coming back (we got stupid bears) so I feel bad he can't enjoy nature like our dog (when our dog would go outside he'd sit by the sliding door watching the dog run around outside, it makes me sad lol) so I put on this video and he'll attack the screen, make funny noises, just gaze for an hour at the video, he even falls asleep to watching it. he loves to climb under my blanket covers to watch it in the dark.
    bless you for giving my cat an alternative nature 😁