Casey Neistat’s Emirates New First Elegance Video


In advance I wrote approximately how fashionable YouTuber Casey Neistat simply flew Emirates’ new 777-300ER top notch among Brussels and Dubai. I knew a video used to be at the means, even though I anticipated it will be a couple of days. Nope — the video is now are living.

Right here’s Casey’s video of Emirates’ new top notch:

I do know he’s a polarizing personality, despite the fact that optimistically even the ones of you who don’t like him will delight in this take a look at Emirates’ new firstclass cabin. On one hand I really like his authentic pleasure and exuberance. Then again, I cringed while he skateboarded down the aisle, while he flew the drone in his suite, and so on. However that’s Casey — he’s quirky.

What did you call to mind this Emirates first-class video?

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