Breitbart simply can’t give up this ‘professional-white’ congressional candidate


Breitbart has come beneath complaint for its repeated — and favorable — protection of Paul Nehlen, a congressional candidate who has brazenly embraced white nationalism for greater than a yr. In reaction, the web site’s management claimed that it “minimize all ties” to Nehlen and hasn’t given him any protection in “months.”

This seems to be fake. ThinkProgress discovered that Nehlen used to be a visitor of a Breitbart radio display, “No matter what It Takes with Curt Schilling,” on December 18 — despite the fact that Breitbart quietly got rid of the phase from its SoundCloud web page.

On December 18, Breitbart’s Schilling many times counseled Nehlen. “I’m a fan…I would like you to inform other folks how they may be able to will let you out,” Schilling stated throughout the interview.

Considering that point Nehlen has long past even additional, tweeting quite a lot of white nationalist and anti-Semitic messages. At the social community Gab, Nehlen retweeted a safety of his behavior from Christopher Cantwell, an anti-Semitic white supremacist who helped arrange the Charlottesville white energy rally.

On Friday, Brietbart’s Schilling invited Nehlen again on his radio display subsequent Wednesday.

Nehlen luckily agreed.

The folk criticizing Nehlen, Schilling indicates, are simply projecting.

Schilling stated that so much of the complaint of Nehlen may well be “bullshit.”

In line with criticisms of his choice to ask Nehlen again at the software, Schilling defended Id Europa, a white supremicist staff.

Schilling later recommended he used to be unfamiliar with Id Europa, however may have a look at up on it and different problems sooner than talking with Nehlen subsequent Wednesday.

Along with Schilling’s display, Nehlen additionally gave the impression this month on “Fash The Country,” a white supremacist podcast. Nehlen’s first look on “Fash The Country” used to be in December 2016.

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