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Renault’s technical director Nick Chester downplayed the profits the staff has discovered with its cutting edge blown rear wing.

The exhaust at the RS18 has been angled upwards to the utmost level the principles allow to be able to building up efficiency from the rear wing. It really works alongside equivalent strains to the exhaust-blown diffusers that have been widespread prior to regulations have been presented to limit the placement of the exhausts and stamp out the apply.

Esteban Ocon, Force India, Circuit de Catalunya, 2018
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Chester stated the achieve Renault has discovered from blowing the rear wing as an alternative is “now not so much” however it comes and not using a penalty.

“It’s like the whole thing else: if there’s a small achieve there we’ll have a small achieve as it’s to be had to us,” stated Chester.

“It’s now not such as you’ve were given a turbo there, you’ve were given to recuperate power on your MGU-H in a different way your battery’s going to be flat,” he defined. “So that you’re slightly restricted in what you’ll be able to do.”

He doesn’t be expecting the layout to stand protest threats from rival groups.

“I haven’t heard anything else nowadays,” he stated. “You’ll be able to placed your exhaust in a bodywork field, we’ve simply were given it against the highest of the bodywork field. To this point no considerations on it.”

“Everyone has to have an exhaust and all exhausts are going to blow the rear wing to a point. And the entire explanation why we got here up with the bodywork field for exhaust place used to be to restrict how some distance it’s essential to pass. If we run to the highest of the bodywork field I don’t actually see what’s the issue.”

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