Bhutanese Meals: 25 Very best Dishes To Consume While You’re In Bhutan!


Bhutanese meals is un-like another meals you’ll ever consume.

On this weblog publish I’m going to percentage with you 25 of the most productive Bhutanese meals. So get ready your self to dive deep into the fantastic (and little recognized) delicacies of Bhutan!

What’s Bhutanese meals?

First, what is Bhutanese meals?

I’ll be utterly fair with you:

Sooner than going to Bhutan, I had no clue what Bhutanese meals used to be. I mechanically assumed it might be equivalent to Nepali delicacies, or very similar to Naga meals. However consuming my first Bhutanese meal in Thimphu, I came upon I used to be slightly flawed.

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Bhutanese food culture
Probably the most best possible issues approximately Bhutanese meals is the folk you percentage it with

I had an opportunity to spend a few month consuming my approach thru Bhutan — from dried yak covered in fermented yak cheese to complicated chili sauces made with over thirty foods and spices — all of which I’m excited to percentage with you.

You’ll be inspired by way of how distinctive and scrumptious Bhutanese meals is.

Bhutanese food
You’ll don’t have any scarcity of cheese and chilies consuming in Bhutan

While you’re in Bhutan you’ll consume a variety of Bhutanese, Tibetan, Nepali, and Indian meals, which might be all quite common and smartly represented during Bhutan.

On the other hand, for the needs of this record, I’ve attempted to stay just about to original Bhutanese meals dishes, despite the fact that there are no doubt a few crossovers, particularly with Tibet.

Besides, I am hoping you revel in this publish, and when you ever have an opportunity to take a look at Bhutanese meals, please check it out — you’ll be in for a memorable meals revel in.

ema datshi
Ema datshi – probably the most well-known of all Bhutanese meals

1. Ema datshi

We’ll get started off with the so much well-known Bhutanese meals of all of them: ema datshi, that is chilies and cheese.

You’ll consume ema datshi now not most effective on a regular basis while you’re in Bhutan, however most probably for almost each and every meal while you’re in Bhutan. The chilies, which may also be both recent inexperienced chilies or dry purple chilies, are sliced lengthwise, and cooked with datshi, that is native Bhutanese cheese, and a variety of butter for just right degree.

Even if the fundamental foods stay the similar, the extra you consume ema datshi, the extra you’ll understand that no ema datshi’s are the similar: each and every prepare dinner has their very own model, a few being lighter or extra watery, others being richer and extra sticky with cheese.

kewa datshi
Kewa datshi – Bhutanese potatoes and cheese

2. Kewa datshi

Kewa is potato, so kewa datshi is potatoes and Bhutanese cheese. It stunned me via how equivalent kewa datshi is to a dish very similar to scalloped potatoes.

The potatoes are normally sliced into skinny items, then sautéed down with cheese and loads of butter. On occasion chefs will toss in a couple of chilies or tomatoes, however frequently, this can be a Bhutanese dish that’s lovely delicate, however simply makes a speciality of potatoes and cheese.

best Bhutanese food
Shamu datshi – mushrooms and cheese

three. Shamu datshi

A 3rd staple cheese dish in Bhutanese meals is shamu datshi, cheese with mushrooms.

Being a chili addict, ema datshi is my private favourite model of a Bhutanese veggie cheese dish, however shamu datshi used to be an in depth 2d. The mushrooms, which may also be any number of native Bhutanese Himalayan mushroom, are once more, cooked right into a tacky saucy stew along side butter.

Identical to with all of the different diversifications of Bhutanese datshi, you consume shamu datshi in conjunction with rice.

Bhutanese culture
Shakam ema datshi – dried red meat with chilies and cheese

four. Shakam ema datshi

When you haven’t already spotted, there’s near to no means you’ll be able to pass to Bhutan and consume Bhutanese meals with out consuming plenty of cheese. Datshi will almost certainly probably the most first phrases you be informed in Dzongkha.

Shakam is Bhutanese dried red meat, which is likely one of the so much well-known of meats. The meat is dried and preserved so it tastes very similar to red meat jerky, however thicker, and now not slightly utterly dehydrated.

For shakam datshi, dried red meat is reduce into chew sized items and simmered with cheese and butter. What a combination that is.

shakam paa
Shakam paa – red meat and chilies and radish

five. Shakam paa

Shakam paa is an excellent Bhutanese meals of dried red meat cooked with dried chilies and now and again slices of radish.

Right through my month staying in Bhutan, shakam paa temporarily become certainly one of my favourite protein dishes of selection. Once more, the meat is rather chewy from being dried and preserved, and it’s mixed with a variety of dry chilies.

Something I beloved approximately Bhutanese cooking is how the chilies are simply tossed in entire — don’t fear approximately cutting issues up and making them glance lovely — you get the entire chilies in Bhutan, superb.

best Bhutanese food
Shakam shukam datshi – dried red meat, white chilies, cheese

6. Shakam shukam datshi

Shakam shukam datshi is a relatively uncommon dish that you simply gained’t in finding at too many eating places in Bhutan, but if I had it for the primary time at an area eating place in Thimphu, I right away fell in love with the mix and particularly with the original white chilies.

You most likely acknowledge shakam and datshi already — chilies and cheese — however shukam are Bhutanese dried white chilies. So this Bhutanese dish comprises cuts of dried red meat cooked with cheese and white chilies. The white chilies advert an out of this world bitter spice that is relatively distinctive.

Bhutanese dishes
Phaksha paa – red meat and chilies

7. Phaksha paa

In conjunction with red meat and yak, red meat could also be extensively liked right through Bhutan, most likely probably the most of all meats.

For phaksha paa, slices of red meat are stir fried with entire purple dry chilies and from time to time a few mountain greens as smartly. The result’s some other staple Bhutanese dish that is going nice with rice and jumbled together with a few datshi dishes.

sikam paa
Sikam paa – without equal Bhutanese bacon

eight. Sikam paa

Do you’re keen on bacon? Sikam paa is like bacon at the subsequent degree, and from my revel in, this can be a dish that many Bhutanese love with interest.

You’ll see strands of part clear red meat stomach striking within the solar to dry — that’s sikam. The red meat, which has somewhat an outstanding ratio of fats, is dried within the solar. For sikam paa, the dried red meat stomach is then is fried up with dried chilies.

I’ve to confess, sikam paa used to be pushing my oily meals limits meter while I used to be in Bhutan. However a small piece at any meal, plus a host of the dry chilies, used to be what I so much loved approximately this well-known Bhutanese dish.

dried yak
Yaksha shakam – dried yak

nine. Yaksha shakam

If there’s a meat that may be argued as higher than dried red meat, it’s dried yak meat. Yak is the same tasting to red meat, however it has a bit of little bit of a special perfume (with out being too gamey), and it supposedly is slightly dietary.

For yaksha shakam, the yak meat is dried right into a jerky like meat and it may be cooked in a lot of alternative ways. Probably the most very best variations of dried yak meat that I ate in Bhutan used to be dried yak minimize up and cooked with fermented yak cheese. It used to be a Bhutanese dish of goals.

Bhutan food culture
Goep – Bhutanese taste tripe

10. Goep

In the event you love tripe, goep in Bhutan, slices of tripe stir fried with dried chilies, inexperienced onions, and on occasion small greens, is a wonderful dish.

Identical to such a lot of different well-known Bhutanese dishes, what I favored so much approximately consuming g0ep in Bhutan are all of the dried chilies which are incorporated on this dish. The tripe could be a little at the chewy aspect, however that’s the actual texture of tripe.

bhutanese sausage
Juma – conventional Bhutanese sausage

eleven. Juma

Juma is one of those not unusual Bhutanese sausage made with minced meat, rice, and a few gentle spices all crammed into an intestines wrapper.

The very first thing I may just style on my first chew of juma used to be the glorious citrusy zing of Sichuan pepper. Rather than that, so much variations of Bhutanese juma I tasted have been somewhat undeniable tasting, however very meaty.

Bhutanese famous food
Gondo datshi – without equal scrambled eggs

12. Gondo datshi

Butter egg fry, or gondo datshi, is like without equal Bhutanese scrambled eggs you’ll be able to believe.

Eggs, are scrambled up with datshi cheese, and an enormous quantity of butter, and in a few instances small bits of dried chili. The result’s an overly condensed scrambled egg cheese aggregate that may be aromatic from butter and jam-packed with heartiness.

When you have a few Bhutanese butter egg fry, a few chili sauce and a mound of Himalayan pink rice, you’re in for a ravishing easy meal.

Jasha maru – Bhutanese hen stew

thirteen. Jasha maru

Jasha maru is Bhutanese hen stew, or often referred to as a hen curry.

One of the most tastes I really like such a lot approximately Bhutanese jasha maru is the great ginger style, that almost each and every model of the dish had that I attempted. The real dry spice taste is fairly delicate, however the ginger is what in point of fact provides this dish its essence.

momos in Bhutan
Momos – the most typical of all Bhutanese fast snacks / foods

14. Momos

Momos are dumplings that are popularly eaten from India to Nepal to Bhutan and referred to as a Tibetan meals – principally all of the Himalayan area – or even broader, they’re very very similar to any form of dumpling all over the world, almost definitely originating from China.

Momos are simply the most typical of all eating place and side road meals snacks that you simply’ll in finding in Bhutan. They’re served piping scorching, stuffed with minced meat, cheese, or greens, and fed on with a number of Bhutanese chili sauce referred to as ezay.

You’ll be able to get momos freshly steamed or additionally deep fried momos, that are fried in oil after being steamed. Allow’s simply say, you’ll be in no brief provide of momos while you seek advice from Bhutan.

Hoentay – buckwheat dumplings of Haa Valley, Bhutan

15. Hoentay

Recognized particularly for originating from Haa Valley in Bhutan, hoentay are very similar to momos, however they’re made with a buckwheat dough wrapper. The dumplings are frequently stuffed with a mixture of an area spinach or turnip leaves and cheese, and once more, they may be able to both be steamed or fried.

While I used to be in Haa Valley for a couple of days, I loved a large number of plates of hoentay, that are hearty and filling, and are particularly just right while drowned in Bhutanese chili sauce (ezay).

eating turnip leaves
Lom – turnip leaves

sixteen. Lom

As a result of the tough wintry weather prerequisites in lots of spaces of Bhutan, greens can every now and then be scarce within the wintry weather. Lom, which might be turnip leaves, are some of the few greens that may be dried and preserved and eaten right through the yr. The real turnips themselves are fed to the farm animals.

For lom, it may be sautéed on its own, or cooked with a few sikam (dried red meat) to offer it a few additional scrumptious taste.

I in reality loved consuming lom once I spent a while in Phobjikha Valley. On the farm space I stayed at, that they had turnip leaves striking above the wooden burning fireplace, drying out and in a position to re-hydrate and consume at any aspect right through wintry weather.

Bhutanese traditional food
Khatem – sour gourd

17. Khatem

I’ve been interested and liked consuming sour melon / gourd for a few years now, that is referred to as khtem in Bhutan. One thing approximately consuming one thing so sour, which from time to time more or less throws off your style buds, is fun to me.

In Bhutan I realized most commonly Indian sour melon versus the longer Chinese language biter melon. Sour melon in Bhutanese delicacies is regularly sliced into skinny chip like items and fried with butter and a bit seasoning. I had it in Bhutan for breakfast a couple of occasions.

Bhutanese milk sopu
Jaju – Bhutanese milk soup

18. Jaju

Jaju is Bhutanese milk and vegetable soup. It’s frequently made with a few form of native spinach or turnip leaves or any selection of gentle leafy greens. The soup broth is composed of milk and butter. General, the style is on a regular basis slightly mellow and undeniable, however it is going smartly in combination to complement a whole Bhutanese banquet.

While I used to be in Bhutan I ate a few variations of jaju that have been very gentle whilst others incorporated a little of cheese to lead them to heartier and extra wealthy.

Bhutanese cucumber salad
Goen hogay – Bhutanese cucumber salad

19. Goen hogay

Even though many Bhutanese dishes may also be lovely meat heavy, goen hogay is a standard Bhutanese cucumber salad.

Cucumber is sliced up and combined with chili flakes, tomato, cilantro, onions, Sichuan pepper, and a fall apart of datshi cheese for additonal taste. From time to time a few additional oil could also be introduced to the recipe to provide it a dressing like sauce.

I discovered goen hogay to be an overly fresh Bhutanese vegetarian dish and ordered it at each and every probability I may just. I particularly loved the Sichuan pepper zing it regularly comes with.

Bhutan culture
Khur-le – buckwheat pancakes

20. Khur-le

Particularly not unusual as a Bhutanese breakfast meals and for at the pass consuming in Bhutan, khur-le is a Bhutanese pancake made out of buckwheat, wheat, or barley flour.

You usually consume khur-le in conjunction with Bhutanese primary dishes, like ema datshi or shakam datshi, and even simply with eggs and ezay (chili sauce). While I used to be in Haa Valley, Bhutan, I ate khur-le on the subject of on a daily basis at my house-keep for breakfast.

They have got a spongy texture, however are somewhat extra hearty and filling than a white wheat flour pancake. They’re the kind of pancake you wish to have to be consuming in a chilly local weather.

buckwheat noodles
Puta – Bhutan buckwheat noodles

21. Puta

Particularly not unusual within the Bumthang area of Bhutan, puta are noodles constructed from extremely nutritious buckwheat that may be grown in top altitudes. For puta, the noodles are ready and boiled, and from time to time sooner than being served the noodles are stir fried in mustard oil at the side of a mild seasoning of salt and Sichuan pepper.

Puta are a standard Bhutanese staple, they usually jogged my memory of Eastern soba noodles.

Bhutan culture
Tshampa – flour dough

22. Tshampa

Produced from entire wheat flour, tshampa is a dough starch that’s eaten as a staple filler, that jogged my memory of consuming ugali in East Africa. It’s very starchy and really heavy, and has a dense dough consistency.

As a way to consume tshampa, you’ll be able to roll it right into a ball on your hands, and consume it at the side of any selection of primary Bhutanese dishes like ema datshi or shakam paa.

I handiest ate tshampa as soon as in Bhutan, on the People History Museum Eating place in Thimphu, and the landlord defined to me that this is among the Bhutanese meals that’s conventional, however now not very talked-about anymore, but it’s wholesome and hearty.

Bhutanese culture snacks
Zaow – crunchy rice snack

23. Zaow

At with reference to each and every native house I visited in Bhutan, they would provide milk tea (chai) or suja (butter tea) plus a communal basket of puffed rice referred to as zaow.

Zaow isn’t too puffy however extra at the crunchy aspect relatively than the puffy aspect — it has a texture the same as the crunchiness of un-popped popcorn. It’s a Bhutanese snack meals that’s quite common and it is going so smartly in conjunction with a cup of tea.

From time to time zaow is eaten with chunks of butter jumbled together. Probably the most memorable model of zaow I used to be served in Bhutan used to be in Phobjikha Valley, and it got here with a frighteningly massive bite of butter on most sensible!

Tibetan rock cheese
Chogo (chhurpi) – toughest cheese on the earth?

24. Chogo (chhurpi)

Chogoo (or chhurpi) simply may well be probably the most rock arduous, but suitable for eating, cheese snack on the earth.

This dried yak cheese, which could also be not unusual all the way through Tibet and Nepal within the Himalayas, is without equal upkeep of cheese, and it’s so exhausting it’s a must to gnaw on it for hours sooner than it begins to dissolve for your tongue.

It’s the kind of snack you consume while you’re strolling during the rugged mountains and you wish to have to be chewing on one thing. You’ll see strands of chogoo putting like necklaces round markets in Bhutan. Provide it a check out!

Bhutanese chili sauce
Ezay – in all probability my favourite of all Bhutanese meals

25. Ezay

There’s no means I might collect an inventory of Bhutanese meals with out paying complete appreciate to ezay, which refers to any more or less Bhutanese chili sauce.

Now you may well be considering, chili sauce isn’t in point of fact a meals… however in Bhutan, ezay is so obligatory to consume with each and every meal that it may be thought to be a dish of its personal. And occasionally it’s virtually extra like a salad than a chili sauce.

From my first meal to my ultimate meal in Bhutan, I couldn’t get sufficient ezay. And I don’t care what I’m consuming, ezay actually is going with and enhances each and every Bhutanese meals you’ll be able to believe.

Identical to ema datshi, there aren’t any ezays that style the similar. Everybody in Bhutan has their very own recipe and aggregate of foods. A few my favorites come with dried chilies, Sichuan pepper, tree tomato (superb factor), and a sprinkle of cheese for additonal flavoring.

Tibetan butter tea
Suja – Bhutanese butter tea


Suja is the Bhutanese time period for butter tea, and even though I didn’t come with it as a meals in this listing, as a result of its cultural significance, I couldn’t now not point out it.

I grew to in reality revel in butter tea while I used to be in Bhutan, particularly on chilly mornings. Butter tea, that is the drink of selection during Tibet and portions of Nepal as smartly, is tea which may also be made with common tea leaves or mountain herbs, churned with butter and salt.

The saltiness of butter tea would possibly wonder you in the beginning, nevertheless it’s one thing that may develop on you. I began calling suja, energy tea, while I used to be in Bhutan, and I couldn’t get started my mornings with out it.

From time to time Bhutanese butter tea shall be saltier or much less salty, and kind of oily relying on how so much butter is used. You’ll be able to additionally make suja with both cows butter or extra historically, yak butter.

Bhutan culture
How one can get Bhutanese meals?

Conventional taste of consuming Bhutanese meals

In conjunction with having a few superb and distinctive dishes in Bhutan, some other factor that by no means fails to fascinate me all over the world is the tradition that revolves round consuming, and Bhutan meals tradition runs deep.

Bhutan tourism
Consuming from conventional picket bowls in Bhutan

Picket bowls

In Bhutan, historically meals is served in and eaten from stunning picket bowls, and also you’ll nonetheless frequently be served meals in picket bowls at conventional eating places and a few native houses.

On the other hand, as a result of ease of use and being more uncomplicated to wash, consuming from picket bowls are changing into much less not unusual each day in Bhutan.

The picket bowls brings us to the following aspect, consuming together with your hands.

Bhutanese food
One means of consuming Bhutanese taste

Consuming together with your palms

Like in so much of Asia, the normal way of consuming is with you palms. And, as the landlord of the People Historical past Museum and Eating place in Thimphu defined to me, when you use steel cutlery on conventional picket Bhutanese bowls, it scratches and ruins them — so it’s higher to make use of your palms.

Probably the most conventional strategies of consuming Bhutanese meals is to spoil just a little little bit of pink rice right into a small ball, then scoop up a dish of your selection.

Some other approach, I attempted to be informed and were given somewhat messy, is to consume a few of a dish together with your hands, then for the rice, placed it within the palm of your hand and toss it into your mouth, very similar to consuming and tossing peanuts into your mouth.

Bhutanese food guide
The most productive Bhutanese meals you’ll have is house-cooked!


The Kingdom of Bhutan is among the so much spell binding and so much culturally preserved countries on the planet.

And even though Bhutanese meals is little recognized out of doors of Bhutan, it’s a delicacies that if in case you have the risk, and in case you like to consume, you’re going to need to discover. From ema datshi (chilies in cheese sauce) to dried yak, and extremely scrumptious chili sauce mixtures, Bhutanese meals is each fun and filled with taste.

Wish you loved this listing of Bhutanese meals!

Disclaimer: It used to be an honor to have an opportunity to talk over with Bhutan, and it wouldn’t were imaginable with out MyBhutan who subsidized my visa and invited me to discover Bhutanese delicacies. MyBhutan is a portal for making plans and reserving a commute to Bhutan.

Additionally, thanks to Chechay from Bhutan Musk Travels for all of her lend a hand.

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