Bernie explains how unmarried-payer will get less expensive the costlier it will get, or one thing


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Bernie Sanders addressed skepticism of unmarried-payer well being care device the day before today by way of explaining that, positive, it’s some distance too pricey for anybody state, however may turn out to be utterly reasonably priced if rolled out on a broader scale. Why? Because he stated so — plus Canada, or one thing:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (S., Vt.) on Sunday used to be pressed to give an explanation for why a unmarried-payer well being care gadget used to be rejected in Vermont and California, staunchly Democratic states.

CNN host Jake Tapper stated that California and Vermont are “cobalt blue states” and requested how unmarried-payer may well be reasonably priced on the nationwide degree in the event that they rejected the device on the state degree as a result of the rate.

Sanders driven again towards Tapper, bringing up “research that [he]has noticed,” and stated that unmarried-payer may shop the typical circle of relatives “vital sums of cash.”

Sanders’ rationalization rings a bell in my memory of an area automotive broker’s declare in a business years in the past: “We take a bit of loss on each and every sale however make a large benefit on quantity.” Also, we have been informed Obamacare might keep the typical circle of relatives “vital sums of cash” however — now not such a lot.

Actually Chuck Schumer lately unwittingly made a just right aspect approximately all this:

You’re proper Chuck, politicians shouldn’t be inquisitive about medical insurance or well being care. Well placed.

(h/t Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey)

**Written by way of Doug Powers

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