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AMD can be freeing their Naples server CPU with 32 cores.
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AMD is in reality coming round again with their up to date strains of processors. First that they had Ryzen, that is proven to have nice efficiency in comparison to Intel, for far lower cost. Now, they are going to be freeing their Naples server CPUs with a ton of cores to compete with Intel Xeon.



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  3. DX12 and Vulkan are both breaking out the stigma of single core bottlenecks for games. Safe to say DX12 and Vulkan are multithread ready and would seriously benefit from more cores vs less clock speed. I believe AMD will be having the high end range of this processor with boost running between 3-4ghz while 2-3ghz in their normal range.
    For Intel to release a 32core CPU they would have to price the chip way above $10k to maintain market pricing for their current products.

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  7. Intel has a 36 core broadwell cpu. Also it has a higher frequency. Intel isn't worried unfortunately as Google is moving to all xeons.

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