A brand new Toothbrush Man emerges at Liverpool-Hoffenheim fit


A legend of the sport after all has a successor

Long ago in 2009, within the 83rd minute of a fit among Chelsea and Guy United, an wireless hero emerged at the back of a gaggle of substitutes approximately to return onto the pitch. A person with an admirable determination to dental hygiene casually brushing his tooth. It used to be as surreal because it used to be glorious. However simply as all at once as Toothbrush Man emerged, he disappeared—by no means to sweep his tooth at a soccer fit once more.

Now, 8 lengthy years later, with the arena crying out in want, a brand new Toothbrush Man has gave the impression, this time at a Champions League qualifier among Liverpool and Hoffenheim.

Who’re those males who convey toothbrushes (and toothpaste?) to soccer fits in England? Why do they do it? I don’t recognize and I don’t need to. The numerous mysteries they posses are at an advantage final mysteries. For we don’t seem to be worth of the solutions.

So right here’s to you, Toothbrush Men of soccer. Would possibly you elude cavities and watch just right soccer for all of the remainder of your days.

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