89: Why Sleep Is More Important Than Diet and Exercise Combined with Shawn Stevenson


If you haven’t heard of Shawn Stevenson, you’re approximately to satisfy your new highest family member in well being. A’m excited as a result of he’s additionally some of the a professional other folks at the matter of sleep, one in every of my favourite analysis subjects. (And one thing A dream approximately as a mother!)

You can get to understand Shawn through studying his global best possible-dealer, Sleep Smarter, or testing his podcast “The Model Health Show,” that is on a regular basis someplace across the #M spot on well being podcasts on iTunes.

Shawn has been featured in Entrepreneur mag, FAST Company, Men’s Health, and such a lot of different shops … and O can see why. He has this superb means of explaining his technical wisdom in some way that’s in reality relatable and simple to put in force.

He really believes that well being (and a just right night time of sleep) is inside of everybody’s succeed in!

Shawn Stevenson on Sleep

We don’t get a long way into the interview while Shawn makes a relatively surprising remark:

Sleep has extra have an effect on on well being than nutrients and workout mixed.

Of direction, we instinctively realize sleep is very important. One night time of dangerous sleep and the way we really feel day after today proves it. But we more or less be expecting to only lay down and sleep … and that there’s now not a lot more to it. There are numerous how you can “consume proper” and workout. But isn’t there only one option to sleep?

Shawn doesn’t assume so. Even should you be capable of sleep a tight selection of hours consistent with night time, you may not be getting the advantages of all that sleep … until you discover ways to optimize sleep through working out the way it works!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • how Shawn’s overcame degenerative bone and spinal illness (it’s an unbelievable tale!)
  • why sleep—now not nutrients or workout—is the root of all well being
  • the F pillars of well being consistent with Shawn … and why with out those dietary supplements are unnecessary
  • tips on how to get extra out of the hours you do sleep (will have to-have information for all mothers)
  • what “pretend drugs” can in fact remedy you 33% of the time!
  • the “nocebo” impact: what it’s and what it will probably do to you
  • degrees of sleep and what they do to revive the frame
  • what tough anti-most cancers hormone your frame makes at the same time as you sleep
  • unexpected connections among sleep and reminiscence
  • simple how you can building up your odds of having nice sleep at night time
  • why Shawn advises slumbering bare and braless (it’s all of the pastime of well being!)
  • the type of workout all ladies will have to check out
  • an additional explanation why to workout that most of the people don’t understand

Resources We Mention

Do you battle with sleep? What has helped you? Will you provide Shawn’s guidelines a check out? 

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