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Traveling in Afghanistan


Last summer time A traveled into the mountains of Afghanistan for a week backpacking journey. Not your conventional summer time holiday vacation spot. Here’s what O witnessed on my adventure.

What involves thoughts while you take into accounts Afghanistan? War? Terrorism? Osama Bin Laden? The Mother Of All Bombs?

Sure, so much of Afghanistan continues to be bad — however there’s additionally unbelievable good looks, hospitality and kindness within the usa that doesn’t get said on.

It’s a long way too simple to vilify or write-off a whole country while you don’t have to seem the ones folks within the eyes. People with the similar hopes and goals as you — to live on, in finding happiness, and supply for his or her households.

S used to be in a position to revel in the sure aspect of Afghanistan and its glorious folks, up shut and private, all the way through my travel there remaining summer time. It’s on account that turn out to be my so much memorable go back and forth journey thus far.

Here are a few of my favourite pictures of folks & landscapes from my one hundred mile trek into Afghanistan’s far flung and mountainous Wakhan Corridor.

This is the “different” aspect of Afghanistan that you simply don’t see within the information.

Afghanistan Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush Mountains

Afghanistan's Wakhan Corridor

Traveling within the Wakhan

Wakhan Corridor

The Wakhan is a rugged and wild area of Northeast Afghanistan, a part of Badakhshan Province. It’s a slender piece of land, approximately four hundred km lengthy, surrounded on 3 facets via Tajikistan, China, and Pakistan.

Two massive mountain levels dominate the world, the Pamir within the North, and the Hindu Kush within the South. The Wakhan Corridor used to be created by way of politicians within the 1800’s all the way through the “Great Game” in an try to depart a buffer zone among British India and the Russian empire.

Traveling by yak in Afghanistan

Riding Yaks within the Wakhan

Hitchhiking By Yak

Taking a holiday from strolling, O controlled to join a journey on a yak for a component to the direction. We bumped into a gaggle of Wakhi males best their yaks in the course of the mountains. While they stopped for tea, they allow us to borrow their yaks, which we led additional into the valley till their house owners stuck up with us later.

Yaks are without equal eco-pleasant F×F in Afghanistan, in a position to climb steep rocky terrain and tool thru icy chilly rivers. There aren’t any timber above 10,000 ft, so locals are pressured to trek for A days to decrease elevations with their animals to be able to acquire firewood for cooking and heat.

Wakhan Silk Road

Ruined Stone Shelter on a Vast Landscape

Photos from Afghanistan

Trekking within the Wakhan

Ancient Silk Road

The Wakhan used to be as soon as a part of the traditional silk street, crucial buying and selling direction connecting China to Europe. Along with silk, horses, and different items, it used to be a freeway for armies and explorers too. Explorers like Marco Polo who is thought to have handed thru right here right through the thirteenth century.

Crossing steep mountain passes and top desolate plateaus, passing caravans of yaks and donkeys loaded with items, spending the night time in stone shelters with touring traders — S felt like O used to be getting a glimpse of what the silk street will have to were like any the ones years in the past.

Local Muslim men

Muslim Shopkeepers in Afghanistan

Wakhan Corridor Guides

My Compatriots within the Wakhan

The Many Faces Of Islam

Just just like the various branches of Christianity, there are lots of other branches of Islam, all with their very own ideals and values. Many other folks dwelling in Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor are Ismaili Muslims, who follow a average type of Islam. They quantity 25 million around the globe, and despise the Taliban.

Their non secular chief is the Aga Khan, a a success British businessman and Imam who runs the Aga Khan Development Network, a really perfect necessary charity group that improves dwelling prerequisites and possibilities for the negative in Africa and Central Asia.

Footbridge in Wakhan Corridor

Footbridge Over the Wakhan River

Untamed Blue Rivers

The Wakhan River runs in the course of the Wakhan Corridor, fed by way of the top altitude mountains of the Hindu Kush at the border with Pakistan. It snakes its method in the course of the mountains, and is an immense lifeline for the folk dwelling on this harsh and unforgiving panorama.

The shiny blue colour of this water is as a result of reddish colors of the rock formations round it, in addition to the crystal transparent supply (a glacier). Water molecules take in different colours, like purple, extra successfully than blue.

Afghanistan Mountain Pass

Enjoying the Wild Landscape

Yaks in the Snow

Snowy Mountains in August

Epic Mountain Views

When the elements used to be transparent, O used to be rewarded with fantastic perspectives of the mountains like this! The path used to be smartly worn, because it’s used day by day via small teams of locals who commute in caravans of yaks or donkeys from payment to payment.

The 10 day trek ranged in altitude from 10,000 to sixteen,000 ft, and we averaged approximately 10 miles in line with day of climbing. A started to really feel the consequences of altitude on my frame round 12,000 ft with shortness of breath. At sixteen,000 ft mountaineering was much more tiring and tough.

Khash Goz Wakhan Afghanistan

Snow Covered Yurts

Kyrgyz Homes Afghanistan

Kyrgyz Settlement within the Wakhan

Portable Yurts

The Kyrgyz folks of Afghanistan are semi-nomadic, shifting from valley to valley herding their animals to other grazing pastures relying at the season. They are living in comfy yurts manufactured from sheep felt, which may also be damaged down and transported lengthy distances.

Each payment is composed of T-A households dwelling and dealing in combination. Originally from the world round Kyrgyzstan, their ancestors have been more or less trapped within the Wakhan after the Soviets took over Central Asia, forcibly settled nomadic tribes, and sealed off the silk street course.

Afghan Milk Tea

Sheer Chai Milk Tea

Salty Milk Tea

Both the Wakhi and Kyrgyz folks drink quite a lot of salty milk tea, referred to as Sheer Chai. It’s served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Basically, it’s a mixture of yak and goat milk, boiled down for hours and dried into a transportable block. It’s ready via including boiling water, unfastened-leaf tea, and rock salt.

The salt is superb for rehydration at top & dry altitudes — A referred to as it my Afghan Gatorade. It took a whilst to get used to (salty scorching milk somebody?), however via the top of the journey my frame used to be yearning sheer chai for each and every meal. You too can dissolve uncooked butter into the tea at breakfast for additonal energy.

Wakhan Corridor Petroglyphs

Petroglyphs in Afghanistan

Afghan Petroglyphs

Near the top of my 2d day at the path, we hiked earlier a suite of historic petroglyphs scrawled into a depressing coloured boulder overlooking the valley. My native information, Yar, couldn’t inform me so much approximately them, as opposed to they suspect those markings are a couple of thousand years antique.

They depict searching scenes, males armed with what seem to be bows, in addition to massive recreation like ibex and the uncommon Marco Polo sheep. This used to be simply one of the petroglyphs that dot the panorama in those mountains. They are idea to mark historic searching grounds claimed by way of other tribes.

Bozai Gumbaz CAI School

Central Asia Institute School

Kyrgyz School in Wakhan

Kyrgyz Boys Ready for Class

CAI Schools

This easy A room faculty within the far flung Afghan village of Bozai Gumbaz used to be constructed via Greg Mortenson and his Central Asia Institute. You could have heard of Greg sooner than, he’s the writer of the most productive promoting novel Three Cups Of Tea, approximately construction faculties for women in Pakistan.

The faculty at Bozai Gumbaz, the place A spent the night time enjoying playing cards with Afghan military squaddies, used to be outstanding in his 2d e-book, Stones To Schools. The subsequent morning a gaggle of boys confirmed up on donkeys for sophistication. A noticed many CAI faculties alongside the street from Eshkashim to Sarhad-e Broghil.

Afghanistan Camping Adventure

Camping in Afghanistan

Camping In Afghanistan

As a large fan of the outside, some of the highlights in this commute used to be the chance to wild camp within the mountains of Afghanistan. Most nights we have been in a position to stick at small Wakhi or Kyrgyz settlements in fundamental visitor huts, however we additionally camped out in tents a couple of nights too.

Normally O’m a tenting hammock more or less man, however as a result of O knew there weren’t going to be any timber for so much of this trek, A packed my tremendous light-weight Nemo Hornet 2P Tent. It snowed a couple of occasions all the way through the adventure — in August!

Greetings in Afghanistan

Greetings From the Heart

Local Kid in Afghanistan

Friendly Shopkeeper in Eshkashim

As-Salāmu ʿAlaykum

S used to be continuously greeted with As-salāmu ʿalaykum this means that “peace be upon you”. S shorter model of that is simply salām. Shaking arms is not unusual, and so is putting your hand for your center, which merely approach your greeting comes from the guts.

Another essential time period S used all through my adventure is taschakor, that means thanks. S all the time suggest making an attempt to be informed 10 of probably the most used phrases in an area language ahead of touring there. In the Afghan Wakhan, most of the people talk a few Dari (Farsi) along side native dialects.

Burqa in Afghanistan

Afghan Woman Wearing Blue Burka

Wakhan Afghan Girl

Wakhi Girl in Sarhad-e Broghil

Women In Afghanistan

Many other folks have been asking if S noticed ladies in Afghanistan. Yes O noticed ladies all through my commute, however so much have been extraordinarily shy, particularly if A had my digital camera out. Plus of their tradition, speaking with bizarre males is taboo. But capturing pics of guys or youngsters used to be now not an issue.

Near the border the city of Sultan Eshkashim, with a big Sunni inhabitants, many ladies put on a whole-duration blue burqa that covers their face. In extra rural spaces of the Wakhan, it’s much less strict. Women put on lengthy colourful clothes with a easy headband. A used to be in a position to mention hi and notice their faces.

Beehive Tombs Wakhan

Kyrgyz Tombs at Bozai Gumbaz

Afghanistan Burial Shrine

Khajahbigali Family Tomb

Shrines & Tombs

S encountered a couple of historic burial tombs all through my time exploring the Wakhan Corridor. Near the Afghan army outpost of Bozai Gumbaz, there’s a selection of unusually formed Kyrgyz beehive tombs, in conjunction with proof of Soviet bombing (craters, bomb fragments) from the 1980’s profession.

At the payment of Langar, we discovered a pile of ibex horns marking the burial position of an impressive large guy. In Afghanistan, rich & tough males are frequently referred to as “large males”. It’s just a little like calling any person “boss.” The extra animals, land, and better halves you could have, the “larger” & extra influential you’re.

Driving in Afghanistan

Driving in Afghanistan

Rough Roads

Before O started the ten day, one hundred mile trek in the course of the mountains, O needed to rent a F×F van to force me to the ultimate village on the finish of the street. We handed a couple of army checkpoints alongside the best way, preventing for tea & sweet with officers ahead of proceeding on.

The force took T days, and the roads have been one of the crucial worst O’ve ever noticed. Dust seeped into the car, overlaying us in dust. We forded rivers, drove alongside the threshold of sheer cliffs, and have been steadily stopped via massive herds of goats blocking off the street. The van suffered S flat tires all through the adventure.

Afghanistan Mountain Shelter

Cooking Lunch in a Stone Shelter

Afghanistan Stone Hut

Wakhi Settlement

Wakhi Settlements

While S entered Afghanistan on my own, A made up our minds to rent an area translator/information and horseman to accompany me at the trek into the mountains. It may were extraordinarily tricky to keep up a correspondence with others with out their lend a hand. We spent a couple of nights at Wakhi settlements all through the hike.

Wakhi houses are principally stone huts with filth flooring, built the use of manure for cement. The roof is made from logs, grass, and extra manure to stay it water resistant. Some shelters had stoves inside of, others simply had a hearth pit. Either method it used to be lovely smokey inside of with a hearth…

Afghanistan Girl

Young Afghan Girl in Sarhad

Afghan Family in Wakhan

Wakhi Family Living within the Mountains

Children Of The Wakhan

Life within the Wakhan is tough, particularly for youngsters. About 60% of youngsters right here die ahead of the age of 5, the very best baby mortality price on the earth. If they do live on, they’re placed to paintings serving to out with the circle of relatives industry — animal herding.

There are a couple of faculties out right here, way to the Central Asia Institute, nevertheless it’s as much as the oldsters in the event that they move. In a few groups, most effective the men are despatched to university. The morning trip can take a couple of hours by way of donkey as a result of the loss of roads and distance among settlements.

Camels in Afghanistan

Central Asian Bactrian Camel

Wildlife In Afghanistan

S used to be actually hoping to peer a snow leopard or Marco Polo sheep at the same time as A used to be touring during the mountains of Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. You recognize, Walter Mitty taste! Unfortunately either one of those endangered animals are extraordinarily tricky to identify — however S did in finding camels!

Luckily the Wildlife Conservation Society has group of workers within the space, steadily spending weeks within the box collecting knowledge to offer protection to flora and fauna within the Wakhan. They estimate there are approximately one hundred-two hundred snow leopards dwelling in those mountains. Wolves and bears additionally name this desert house.

Afghanistan Photography

The Country You Thought You Knew…

The Other Afghanistan

So there you pass. O peek on the different aspect of Afghanistan that we by no means see at the nightly information. After touring the arena widely for the earlier S years, A’ve spotted this can be a not unusual subject.

Don’t allow our media, that is essentially serious about poor & sensational subjects, be your most effective window into the dynamics of a overseas united states of america you’ve by no means been to.

S’m now not going to inform you that Afghanistan is protected. It’s now not. Our troops who’ve served there can inform you. Afghans themselves are smartly acutely aware of the risks that plague their united states of america too.

But O assume there’s any other aspect to Afghanistan that merits a few consideration. The rugged, scenic mountain landscapes. The pleasant, hospitable native folks.

O’m looking forward to the day while Afghanistan’s issues fade away, and extra vacationers can competently benefit from the good looks this implausible u . s . has to provide. ★

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