20 Issues to do in Athens Greece Trip Information


Even though our seek advice from used to be temporary, Audrey and I nonetheless made it our project to peer as many attractions and points of interest as imaginable round Athens, Greece. We got down to talk over with temples and ruins steeped in historical past, however alongside the best way we additionally found out that the Greek capital is a town with a gorgeous cool vibe, a whole lot of artwork, and nice meals. This video information will show off 20 issues to do in Athens, Greece:

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1) Parthenon (Παρθενών – Παρθενώνας)
2) Erechtheion (Erechtheum) Ἐρέχθειον – Ερέχθειο)
three) The Philopappos Monument (Μνημείο Φιλοπάππου) on Mouseion Hill
four) Conventional Greek Meals (Greek Salad, Saganaki and Moussaka)
five) Mount Lycabettus (Lykabettos or Lykavittos – Λυκαβηττός)
6) Night time perspectives of Athens
7) Temple of Zeus at Olympia
eight) Arch of Hadrian (Αψίδα του Αδριανού – Hadrian’s Gate)
nine) Monastiraki Flea Marketplace & Antique Marketplace
10) Greek Side road Meals (Souvlaki – σουβλάκι and Gyro Pita – γύρος)
eleven) Side road Artwork in Psirri (Psyri or Psiri or Psyrri or Psirri – Ψυρρή ή Ψυρή)
12) Kerameikos Cemetery (Νεκροταφείο Κεραμικού)
thirteen) Converting of the Protect
14) Nationwide Lawn (Royal Lawn – Εθνικός Κήπος)
15) Athens Critical Marketplace – Agora
sixteen) Agora (Ἀγορά Agorá)
17) Acropolis Museum (Μουσείο Ακρόπολης)
18) Plaka (Pláka – Πλάκα)
19) Hadrian’s Library
20) Greek Cooking Elegance (Studying the way to make Greek Meals and Greek Delicacies)


We truly wish this go back and forth information to Athens, Greece is a great primer and advent to Greek tradition, Greek Meals (Greek Delicacies), and a large number of points of interest and issues to do and notice within the town. We duvet arts, leisure, museums and structure we really feel is value exploring. With regards to tourism this trip video makes an attempt to take you to all the well-known web sites in addition to a few of the off-the-crushed-trail spots you’ll have differently overlooked out on.

Athens (Greek: Αθήνα, Athína – Ἀθῆναι)

20 Issues to do in Athens Greece Most sensible Points of interest Commute Information Transcript:

Smartly, just right afternoon from sunny Athens. We’re lately exploring the Greek capital. We lately in reality spent a couple of days touring round Meteora and now we are completing up our go back and forth right here in Athens. We’ve got were given complete days to discover the town which is not a large number of time however we are going to take a look at to do our very best.

Our first prevent used to be one of the known attractions in Athens – the Parthenon, which used to be devoted to the goddess Athena who used to be noticed as the shopper of Athens.

After sundown we lingered atop Mount Lycabettus for a few night time perspectives of the town sooner than taking the funicular right down to the ground. Seeing the Acropolis all lit up at night time used to be a gorgeous cool sight!

Subsequent up we visited the Temple of Zeus which as soon as housed the statue of Zeus, and used to be thought to be one of the crucial Seven Wonders of the Historic Global.

In terms of buying groceries, there are a couple of other choices. We made our strategy to Monastiraki, which is likely one of the major buying groceries districts in Athens. Right here we visited each the Flea Marketplace and the vintage retail outlets within the space. 

The Agora used to be the significant spot in historic Greek town-states, and it’s the place other folks accumulated.

So we’re wrapping up our time right here in Athens. Any surprises or ultimate feelings to percentage? Yeah, one thing that in reality stunned me have been simply the volume of stray animals that I noticed at the streets.

I additionally idea there used to be in reality just right eating choices as smartly. We had quite a few in reality just right Greek foods and in addition a few in reality just right Global meals too.

Ultimate feelings, I feel this can be a in point of fact underrated capital in Europe. So much like Warsaw in Poland so when you’ve got a chance to discuss with Athens in Greece no doubt achieve this.

So what did you call to mind Athens? Smartly, I assumed it used to be a actually cool town and I if truth be told had a good time right here. It more or less jogged my memory a bit of little bit of Tel Aviv with the Mediterranean really feel but in addition Berlin as a result of it is extremely artsy and gritty. So it is a in reality cool position to take a look at. Nice meals, a number of points of interest. You could have a mixture of antiquity with city.

And that is the reason a wrap for Athens! We are hoping you loved this town information and that it is going to come in useful while you plan your personal go back and forth.

This is a part of our Trip in Greece collection. We are making a chain of movies showcasing Greek tradition, Greek arts, Greek meals & Greek delicacies.

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  1. Thank you so much guys for your very accurate , objective and complete given the just two days available report of the Athens sightseeings. No doubt there are lots of more things to see and enjoy here, yet let me congratulate you for the excellent, though -under the circumstances – very limited and purely commercial ("touristic") eye of your Travel Guide. I am glad you could intuit the spirit and potential of this fantastic city, as i may conclude from your final comments about it, no wonder why Athens is more and more becoming a major city break destination in Europe and not only. Let me know when you're coming back, i would be delighted to introduce you as a born and bread Athenian to the real beauty and wonders of this amazing city!

  2. I'm from Athens too.comment 1: strays are barely taken care of by a handful of people.The rest of them mistreat or even poison them (e.g. this July in Plaka- Filomousou Etaireias sq.)2: If you are planning on visiting Athens, keep a strictly "sightseeing" schedule. Everything else is just misery, street pollution and despitation.3: I you ever visit again,try the same foods in less touristic areas. They are of better quality and taste.

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  4. As a seasoned traveler, I really liked your succinct and balanced educational & experiential commentary. Greece will be my 100th country/territory visited in December, but this video was much better than watching something from Rick Steves. I hope you have future adventures planned. Best wishes!

  5. you can do more more things to athens 1st of all you have thousand yes thousand choises for nightlife everything you want to eat or to drink hear everything ,monastiraki is amazing shops bazzars souvlakia everywhere and plaka is the best place roof bars people energie everywhere and we have the sea side with amazing view bar restaurants and ofcourse lot of museums but the channel is very good good work

  6. heyyy foreign Visitor and Friend,
    if you LOVE Greece then ask a receipt for your coffee, for your beer, for your room, for your food, for your umbrella on the beach, for Everything…
    Welcome – Καλώς Ορίσατε – Kalos orisate

  7. I visited Greece in their summer, most overrated country in the world. People are very in your face and loud (a lot of them have garlic breath) and also very dishonest, once they find out you are a tourist, everything suddenly costs 4 times the amount. I found the food very basic and mostly drenched in a lot of olive oil. I would love a refund if I could get one.

  8. I do not need to waste my time seeing othe people eat. I WANT TO SEE GREAT, HISTORICAL, REFINED GREECE, THE CRADLE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION.  Are you illiterates being paid by any financial institution ?  IDIOTS, WAKE UP !

  9. Greeks do not want to work hard. For them it is easier to lie to the Europeans and get money from their tax payers like Germany, Holland, Scandinavia etc. What they like is hanging around at the beach.

  10. Ηi guys! First of all thank you so much for all you said and showed about my city. Trouth is that your tour was too touristic, in the sense that your otherwise so beautiful video did not catch much of the places where real life in Athens takes place. You didn't show much or at all the old historical center of the city which is also its popular shoping center, you did not showed any of the amazing subway stations, you missed "Gazi" and Technopolis, the most popular outing areas for the younger and not only Athenians which is actually very closed to Kerameikos cemetery which you visited ( actually "Kerameikos" is also the metro station for Gazi which is for Athens what "Village" was or is for N. York), you did not take the tram for a ride across the city's beautiful riviera, you did not even visited Piraeus, Athens's famous port city… i could mention a lot of other things you shoud have done while in Athens, visiting suburbs, monasteries, museums, the Olympic sport center, etc etc, but i guess that you have done the best of what was available, given a short time visit. Remember me next time you come, you must, Athens is growing year by year to the popular international destination it deserves to be! Anyway, thank you again so very much for the positive way you looked at my city, you' re always welcome here!!!

  11. thanks in all the assholes that give us millions of dollars just to see our precious temples been drawn with graffiti
    and pay 3 times the price of the most times not down 10 euros food…Oh wait our country will destroy if the
    tourists donesnt come…JYST A JOKE HAHA

    not seriously is just a joke you are not assholes

  12. In Athens, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children. Many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in Greece deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Athens!!

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